Eco-Kosher and the Evolution of Tradition

It's no secret that the Jewish community has an incredibly rich relationship with food. In light of ethical controversies spurred by Big Ag, a new tradition called "eco-kosher" is arising--and while it remains focused on rituals, it adds a new twist--a focus on sustainability.

Animal Welfare

Industrial livestock facilities compromise the health and welfare of the animals they confine. Find out what they do wrong - and what you can do about it.

Film Review - Fast Food Nation

Some films are created to do more than just entertain. Fast Food Nation is one of these films, produced with the goal of educating consumers and mobilizing them to make positive change in the food system. Based on Schlosser’s 2001 best-selling book of the same title, Fast Food Nation engages audiences in two hours of imagery and dialogue illustrating the complicated and often disturbing truth behind our burgers and fries.

Food Processing & Slaughterhouses

Factory farming has been accompanied by rapid consolidation of the meat processing industry, which is now controlled by a handful of huge corporations that operate without adequate regulatory oversight.

Slaughterhouses and Processing

The drastic expansion of industrial animal production in the United States has been accompanied by the rapid consolidation of the meat industry. This industry is now dominated by a handful of huge corporations that process most of the country's meat at enormous facilities, and consolidation continues to increase. As a result, meat packing companies have become increasingly powerful, while the government bodies that regulate them have done little to keep them in line.

Industrial Livestock Production

Also known as factory farms, industrial livestock operations produce the majority of US meat, eggs, and dairy products. Find out why they're awful.

Food Processing & Distribution

After leaving the farm, foods are transported, processed and distributed. Learn how this affects food safety, food access and food security, and the viability of local and regional food systems.

The Meatrix

When The Meatrix launched in 2003, this viral film broke ground in online grassroots advocacy, and has been viewed by over 30 million people worldwide.

The Meatrix Interactive 360

The Meatrix Interactive 360 is a great way to educate yourself, friends and family about factory farming. Roll over the objects on the farm and click them to get in-depth information about each subject.

CAFO: The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories

CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation): The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories offers a compelling vision for a healthier food system: one that is humane, sound for farmers and communities, and safer for consumers and the environment.

Blood, Guts, E. coli and Accessibility: Slaughterhouse Rules

Small slaughterhouses once existed throughout the US. Unfortunately, the transition to factory farming spawned the creation of huge, highly mechanized, corporate-controlled mega-slaughterhouses, which ultimately put most small, independent slaughterhouses out of business.

What We Can Learn from the European Horse Meat Scandal

The scandal has led to a discussion about flaws in the European meat industry, which is largely self-regulated. While the horse meat didn't reach our shores, there are similar battles raging on US soil over labeling and inspection regulations - and when it comes to our food, we have to stand up for our right to know what we're consuming.

North Carolina Ag-Gag Bill Will Help Keep Consumers in the Dark

Last week, North Carolina's state legislature voted to override Republican Governor Pat McCrory's veto to pass one of the strongest anti-whistleblower laws in the country. Critics explain that the law was crafted to punish whistleblowers who shed light on animal abuse and shield meat producers and slaughterhouses from undercover investigations.

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