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Short Story Long: My Empire of Dirt (A Book Review)

What Howard seems to take away from the project is the singular idea that, hey, he doesn’t have to buy eggs anymore when he can get them from his chicken. Really? That’s all? I wasn’t expecting a zealous conversion to the merits of urban farming, but I did expect more reflection on how The Farm, despite its failures, fit within the larger context of the sustainable food movement.

The Greenhorns: A Movie and a Movement

The Greenhorns sprung from the dream of making a film documenting the burgeoning movement of young farmers in order to provide hope for a culture viewed as struggling and dwindling. Now, after nearly three years of production, the film is ready to take its audience by storm.

Our Heroes: Severine von Tscharner Fleming of The Greenhorns

For young farmers nationwide, Severine von Tscharner Fleming is a fearless leader. A farmer, activist and organizer based in the Hudson Valley, New York, Severine speaks for a generation of young farmers, yet is acutely aware of the need for each farmer to tell his or her own story.

New Farmers

Although the average age of US farmers continues to rise, many young people are starting to pursue careers in sustainable agriculture.

National Young Farmers' Coalition

The National Young Farmers' Coalition supports practices and policies that will sustain young, independent and prosperous farmers now and in the future.

The Greenhorns

The Greenhorns is a non-traditional grassroots non-profit organization made up of young farmers and a diversity of collaborators. Our mission is to recruit, promote and support the new generation of young farmers.

Brooklyn Grange Brooklyn Navy Yards Rooftop Farm

Brooklyn Grange has a new rooftop farm in the Brooklyn Navy Yards. We were there as they were setting it up this spring. Luckily the farm weathered the storm that was Sandy, although their beehives got blown away.

Pam and Clint Cavers of Harborside Farms

Over the winter, we interviewed farmers across the country in an effort to highlight both the challenges and triumphs of sustainable farmers across the country. Join us as we delve in to discover what it means to be a farmer in the 21st century.

Our Heroes: Four Country Gals in Beryl, Utah

Meet more of Ecocentric's sustainable farmer heroes this week: "We are DHA Family Farms aka the Four Country Gals, located in the middle of nowhere, Beryl Utah. We have a cow, 17 sheep, 4 dairy goats, 3 pygmy goats, 4 breeding rabbits, 35 or so chickens, and 6 very useless dogs. We love all of them!"

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