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Meatless Monday Interviewed on WABC New York

Our friends at Meatless Monday are at it again...getting some fantastic coverage in the news, that is. The movement is spreading throughout the country and even Oprah, Michael Pollan and Chef Kathy Freston are enthusiastically showing their support for Meatless Monday.

Meatless Monday for the Media: Tools and Resources for Media

Media attention can be all it takes to turn your local campaign into a keystone of the worldwide movement. Use this media kit to get the notoriety that your event and organizational efforts deserve. Find helpful hints on working with reporters, planning a successful interview and writing a compelling press release. Use in conjunction with the Meatless Monday general starter kit and there's no telling how far your campaign will take you!

Meatless Monday Goes to Town: Tools and Resources for Communities

In this toolkit, you'll find the advice, ideas and actions you need to make Meatless Monday a community-wide movement. Start a letter writing campaign to public officials, launch a Meatless Monday event or get local restaurants on board. Use this information in conjunction with our Media Toolkit to spread the word far and wide!

Meatless Monday

A public health initiative of the Monday Campaigns in association with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The campaign's goal is to reduce the amount of meat we eat each week for personal health and the health of the planet.

Handouts - Meatless Monday

Meatless Monday is an international movement to help people reduce their meat consumption by 15% to improve personal health and the health of the planet. Meatless Monday is a non-profit initiative of The Monday Campaigns, in association with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

The Monday Campaigns

The Monday Campaigns is a national movement backed by leading public health schools that dedicates the first day of every week to health. Every Monday, individuals and organizations join together to commit to healthy behaviors that help end chronic preventable diseases.

The Kids Cook Monday

The Kids Cook Monday is a weekly opportunity for families to take health into their own hands. It provides examples of kid friendly recipes and video demonstrations along with nutrition and safety tips making it easy for families to cook and eat together every Monday.

GRACE Multimedia

Find podcasts, videos, animations and educational kits developed by GRACE staff and featured in our Food, Water and Energy programs and Ecocentric blog.

Smokey Tempeh Pear Sandwiches

The smokiness of Tempeh bacon transfers to the hearty kale and is balanced with sweet, roasted pear. Any homemade roasted garlic spread you have leftover can be deliciously reused on bread or in wraps.

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