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Not So Fast, Purveyors of Junk Science: Factory Farms Are Not Green

Demystifying the Environmental Sustainability of Food Production, a paper by Jude Capper, Roger Cady and Dale Bauman, demonstrates either a lamentable misunderstanding of the impacts of livestock production practices, or a willful effort to misrepresent the facts. Or perhaps a little of both.

Our Heroes: Dave Murphy of Food Democracy Now!

Dave Murphy, founder of Food Democracy Now and native Iowan, is up to his neck in ag issues. You can call it an obsession, but Dave knows the power of the sustainable agriculture movement--and he knows exactly how to harvest it.

University Land Grabs in Africa and Student Activism

Major American universities are practicing "land-grabbing" - buying up African farmland in deals that will likely result in displacement of small farmers, environmental devastation and the further impoverishment and political destabilization. Students and alumni: you have the power to change this.

The Value of Whistleblowers: Why Ag Gag & Co. Are a Public Health Threat

For over a century, whistleblowers have shown consumers that industrial food production is a far cry from the traditional family farm image invoked by food marketers. But increasingly, those who expose truths that threaten the profits of big business are becoming targets for legal action.

Our Heroes: What Are They Up To? IATP Food and Community Fellows

When the 2011 - 2013 class of IATP Food and Community Fellows was chosen, we ran an "Our Heroes" post about them with high hopes that would be stirring up the food justice movement during their two-year stint. In case you missed it, the Fellows are a diverse group of 14 good food advocates, chosen from a pool of almost 600 applicants, working all around the country for a better food future. In this new video project from IATP, Food Justice From The Ground Up, we hear from each of them.

Food Policy & Regulation

Public policy can build a sustainable food system, or further entrench industrial agriculture. Learn about the policies that determine what we eat - and what you can do to improve them.

Food Economics

The production, consumption, and distribution of food is closely tied to economic forces. Learn how subsidies, externalities, and agribusiness' market control affect what we eat.

Poverty & Hunger

Until recently, rural development was driven by the belief that a high-yielding means of producing export crops would increase the income of a community and bring people out of poverty. In many instances this strategy has failed, and now the paradigm is shifting. In both rural and urban areas, individuals are increasingly encouraged (or taking it upon themselves) to take control of their food security by creating sustainable and equitable food systems.

Community and Economy

Factory farms make terrible neighbors. Learn how industrial agriculture affects surrounding communities and local economies.

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