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Mapping Food Access

Assuming you're not an out-of-touch 18th century monarch, you probably realize that not everyone has access to fresh, healthful food. At the most basic level, lack of access can be attributed to three factors: financial resources, the cost of food and food availability.

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food, Know Your Food Hub

Secretary Vilsack has been known to speak metaphorically about two forms of agriculture - small scale and industrial as two sons, both of whom he loves equally, often to the outrage of proponents of both models. And if the USDA's recent history seems evidence that he loves his industrial son more, the Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food program introduced in 2009 speaks to what the Secretary rarely admits in person: that his small-scale son needs his love, too.

A More Sustainable Jam: Greening Summer Music

Each summer, like thousands of other music lovers, a few friends and I travel to see our favorite bands play. In the spirit of peace and love, we gather to celebrate the community music creates, but what many don't realize is the toll such gatherings can can take on the environment.

Our CSA!

CSA season is upon us! Here at GRACE, two coworkers and I are splitting a share from the 14th Street Y CSA. The vegetables are delicious - and quite photogenic - so we decided to document the weekly bounty in a series of slideshows.

Our CSA - Part II

As I wrote in an earlier post, two GRACE coworkers and I are splitting a CSA* share from the 14th Street Y CSA. Interested in seeing what we've been getting? Check out the slideshow for photos of the last six shares.

Can a Food Truck Be Green? In a Word, Yes.

When you think about food trucks, the first words to pop into your head probably don't tend toward "sustainable" or "healthy." But in fact, food trucks are changing the urban food scene in some unexpected ways.

Slow Food USA's $5 Challenge: Eating Sustainably on a Budget

Perhaps the most common criticism of sustainable agriculture is that the food it produces is a luxury only accessible to wealthy elitists. Our friends at Slow Food are out to disprove this contention - on September 17, the organization is inviting eaters to participate in the $5 Challenge.

After Irene: Impacted Northeast Farms and How You Can Help

Hurricane Irene caused the worst flooding eastern upstate New York and Vermont have seen in centuries, devastating farms and dairies throughout the Northeast. We've mapped as many as we could find, as well as local events organized to support them.

Our Heroes: Doug DeCandia of the Food Bank for Westchester

As Food Growing Project Coordinator at the Food Bank for Westchester, Doug DeCandia manages a joint production-vocational program to grow fresh produce for those who experience food insecurity in Westchester. [Podcast length: 27 min.]

Erin Fairbanks of Heritage Foods USA

Erin Fairbanks is the project director of No Goat Left Behind, an initiative through October to connect goat farmers around the US with chefs and increase consumer knowledge about goat meat.

Tell Walmart to Reject New GMO Sweet Corn

There's a new GMO in town: Monsanto's GE sweet corn. If you're unhappy about this, you're not alone. Food and Water Watch has initiated a national campaign to pressure Walmart to refuse to sell products using the GE corn.

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