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Good Food Starts with a Fair Farm Bill

Most of us would prefer to feed ourselves and our families good, healthy, local, sustainably produced and affordable food. Unfortunately, there are many things that get in our way and don't allow this to happen. Sign the petition below to show your support for making our food system fair for all! We'll deliver it to your members of Congress.

Our Heroes: Dave Murphy of Food Democracy Now!

Dave Murphy, founder of Food Democracy Now and native Iowan, is up to his neck in ag issues. You can call it an obsession, but Dave knows the power of the sustainable agriculture movement--and he knows exactly how to harvest it.

Farm Bill Hackathon!

On December 3, Food + Tech Connect and GoJee are hosting the Farm Bill Hackathon, bringing together food/ag experts, technologists, designers, policy makers and data specialists to develop tools and visualizations that can be used to help better understand how the farm bill impacts our lives.

Report from the Field - Farmbill Hack

On Dec. 4, 2011, 120 designers, data scientists, developers, marketing professionals, food policy experts, and USDA employees took on the farm bill.

A Guide to the 2012 Farm Bill (and What it Means to You)

In which Ecocentric provides an overview of the 2012 Farm Bill - which could more aptly be called the Food Bill - and what may be a huge fight in this year of budget politics. Hint: SNAP (a/k/a food stamps) and the House of Representatives are involved.

The 2012 Farm Bill is Ready to Rumble

2012 Farm Bill update: It's Happy Fun Time with Amendments in the Senate. The House will begin to markup their version in late June, with a floor debate to follow in July. Expect them to propose cuts.

Farm Bill Passes the Senate: Now What?

On June 21, the Farm Bill reached its first major legislative milestone as the Senate voted for its passage (64-35). On July 11, the House will get going on their markup process.

Food Policy & Regulation

Public policy can build a sustainable food system, or further entrench industrial agriculture. Learn about the policies that determine what we eat - and what you can do to improve them.

House Agriculture Committee Approves Harsh Farm Bill Draft

Months of speculation, gossip, negotiation and probably some fortune-telling culminated in the House Agriculture Committee meeting last Wednesday, July 11, to markup their Farm Bill draft. Deep SNAP cuts, surprise riders about GMOs and wacky legislative time warps - all in our Farm Bill Status Report.

The 2012 Farm Bill Goes on Summer Vacation

Last Thursday, July 26, with farmers around the country reeling from drought, the House of Representatives voted to pass a standalone $383 million disaster aid bill, which does not extend the 2008 Farm Bill. It’s also unlikely to pass in the Senate, so in a sense, this bill is a placeholder until September.

Food and Water Watch

A non-profit organization that advocates for common sense policies that will result in healthy, safe food and access to safe and affordable drinking water.

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy - Farm Bill

Every five to seven years, agricultural policies are evaluated and reauthorized through the federal Farm Bill. The larger public is discovering that policies in the Farm Bill affect not just farmers here and around the world, but rural communities, the environment, health, hunger and even immigration. Learn more here.

The 2012 Farm Bill Will Be Visiting a Lame Duck

On September 20, Speaker John Boehner confirmed that the House will not vote on the 2012 Farm Bill during this brief Congressional working session. So we'll just zip right past that pesky September 30 expiration date on the former bill. Check out what's next!

Five things that consumers can do

GRACE Communications Foundation has created a list of five things that consumers can do to help effect an efficient transition to a sustainable food system future.

Food and Water Watch - Farm Bill 101

The Farm Bill offers a critical opportunity to change federal farm and food policy. Instead of catering to agribusiness’s desire for cheap raw materials, our next Farm Bill should ensure functional, fair markets. Read more in the Food and Water Watch report.

Food Fight 2012

When the federal Farm Bill came up for vote in 2012, the Food Fight 2012 campaign worked to maximize mainstream attention and democratic participation in this all important process.

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