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Cate, aka Tribeca Yummy Mummy, teaches mommies and preschool age children how to make delicious things.

Kale, What Doesn't Kill You...

I don't recall eating kale for most of my life. It's not that I didn't know what it was it's just that I didn't buy it, cook it or know that it was edible. As a teen, I can recall the salad bar at Sizzler (a family favorite) being decorated with its curly leaves stuffed into the ice - not something that would have been mistaken as a crudite and piled onto your plate. It must have slipped quietly into my diet when I started studying nutrition. Even then, I was taught about its superfood properties, but didn�t think much about those hardy, dark, green leaves.

A Peck of Peppers Pickled

While I'm not one to follow recipes, canning should be done precisely. Thoughts of botulism, though very rare, often scare people away from canning the summer's bounty. I decided to follow this hot pickled peppers recipe with careful attention. But I missed one detail. Don't handle hot peppers without gloves.

The Meat Lover’s Meatless Cookbook (A Book Review. Sort Of.)

"Do you have a Mister Sausage in your life?" O'Donnel asks in her promotional video for TMLMC. And surely, you do. You'll know Mister Sausage as "that person who cannot imagine not eating some kind of meat every single day." These Mister (and Misses) Sausages of the world will find their imaginations -- and their culinary horizons -- expanding because TMLMC has 52 menus, organized seasonally. There is also a section titled "Kitchen Tricks for Your Sleeve" that will serve any cook well.

A Holiday to Appreciate Death - Day of the Dead

Skeletons dancing, dressed to the nines, bright tissue paper cut outs shivering in the breeze, colorfully decorated sugar skulls... It's nearing the end of October and this scene is about to burst onto the streets. Halloween you might guess? No way, Jose. This is the Day of the Dead.

Very Superstitious: New Year's Foods

Waiting for the ball to drop last year, I put a few handfuls of black eyed peas in a bowl of water to soak over night, and my Cuban friend put out 12 grapes for each of us to gobble down at the strike of midnight. We were preparing for a bountiful 2010 and working a little superstition to help it along. The black eyed peas would be turned into a delicious Hoppin' John on New Year's Day to bring us good luck and fortune, and the grapes, if all went well, would be gone by 12:01 A.M. - one for each month, the sweeter the grape, the better the month.

A Local Winter: Finding Our Roots

Here in New York, the community gardens and urban farms have long since packed up for the year. In fact, if I hadn't seen them grow back last spring, I might think that they were gone for good. But even the lot that looks like a demolition site will come back in the spring to amaze us with its abundant greenery. For now we can only dream of the longer, warmer days that will make that happen, and hope that there are some root vegetables hiding in the decay.

Seasonal Food: Rooting for Rutabagas as Winter Winds Down

One of the last vegetables hanging around your local farmers' market in March is likely to be the rutabaga. Not always first on people's minds, but aren't you getting bored of carrots, parsnips, beets and potatoes? Maybe your grandma cooked rutabagas, frying them up in some butter? Even if your memories of these old-timey root veggies aren't that appealing, give them another try. They are a surprisingly tasty and nutritious, cruciferous treat.

Poncho's Homemade Dog Food: A Longtime Vegetarian Cooks Meat

I recently adopted an adorable two-year-old Chihuahua mix, Poncho. He came from a no-kill shelter in my neighborhood where he had been for only 3 days after coming from Animal Care and Control. He was terribly skinny. Determined fatten him up, I headed to the store to buy dog food for him.

Put 'Em Up: Can It Forward

Are you, like me, ready to dip a toe into the scalding waters of canning? National Can It Forward Day is a great way to wrap up National Farmers' Market Week and to kick off Canning Across America’s third annual Can-A-Rama, a whole week of nationwide canning parties.

Our Office Potluck: Slow Food $5 Challenge

Slow Food's $5 Challenge is this Saturday, September 17th! Can you take back the "value meal?" We decided to give it a try in advance to let you know what our challenges were and give you, dear Ecocentric reader, some ideas for cheap dishes. The $5 per/person guidelines were a little intimidating to some of us, though others said, "no sweat!" Since this was a potluck, our plan was for each person to create a dish that would feed a small portion to at least 5 people for $5 or less.

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