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Comprehending the Scale of Factory Farming

The latest calculations from Compassion in World Farming suggest that we farm around 70 billion animals worldwide every year - nearly 10 animals for every single person on the planet. Around 70% of these animals (that's nearly 50 billionare factory farmed, which is bad news for the farm animals, as well as people and planet.

Poncho's Homemade Dog Food: A Longtime Vegetarian Cooks Meat

I recently adopted an adorable two-year-old Chihuahua mix, Poncho. He came from a no-kill shelter in my neighborhood where he had been for only 3 days after coming from Animal Care and Control. He was terribly skinny. Determined fatten him up, I headed to the store to buy dog food for him.

Our Heroes: Shana Miller of Tag-a-Giant

Shana Miller is director of Tag-a-Giant, an organization that's reversing the decline of northern bluefin tuna populations. We took some time to talk about bluefin tuna, her life and what questions to ask the next time you order sushi.

So Long, McRib, Not a Minute Too Soon!

Dear McRib, Word on the street is that you have been discontinued, again. Is it true? I've been trying to avoid you, but you are on TV, blogs, websites, newspapers - everywhere. I am a healthy eater, so I'm not interested in you; in fact I'm very afraid of your processed pork-like, rib-shaped patty.

Getting to Know Your Food: No Happy Cows (A Book Review)

No Happy Cows provides a terrific overview of many Big Issues in Food Today and resources to help navigate the grocery store (and the internet). John Robbins argues that we owe it to ourselves as consumers (and eaters) to engage with our food system more mindfully.

Give Good Goose

Among the most popular centerpieces of a traditional American Christmas dinner is roast goose. Typically associated with Victorian-era England, the tradition of the Christmas goose has since been adapted by families throughout the world.

Heroic Endeavor: Cindy and Mike Ridenour’s Meadow Maid Foods

Learn how Cindy and Mike Ridenour, along with their daughter, Mary, have successfully operated Meadow Maid Foods - a sustainable producer and purveyor of grassfed beef and numerous vegetables - by integrating water and energy inputs to make their ranch nearly self-sufficient.

Animal Welfare

Industrial livestock facilities compromise the health and welfare of the animals they confine. Find out what they do wrong - and what you can do about it.

Animal Feed

Unlike sustainable farmers who raise animals on pasture, industrial livestock producers rely on grain-based feed, which often includes many unsavory additives. Learn how this affects animals and humans.

The Meatrix

Learn the truth about industrial agriculture through our award-winning Meatrix movies!

Talking Turkey

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to come together and give thanks. It's the most celebrated (and most heavily traveled!) time of the year. Thanksgiving is a time to share, to give, and to be grateful for all that we have. It's also a time to eat. The centerpiece of most Thanksgiving dinners is a turkey, surrounded by home cooked, delicious vegetables, dressings, condiments and pies. In the spirit of the holiday, we've brought you a selection of our favorite recipes, as well as some information on the food that you'll be eating. We've also included links to other sites.

Sustainable Livestock Husbandry

Learn how sustainable farms raise healthy animals using practices that benefit the environment and bolster local economies.

Food Processing & Slaughterhouses

Factory farming has been accompanied by rapid consolidation of the meat processing industry, which is now controlled by a handful of huge corporations that operate without adequate regulatory oversight.

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