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The Earth From On High: A Review of HOME

HOME, a new documentary from French filmmaker Yann Arthus-Bertrand, narrated by Glenn Close, is a tremendous illustration of nature at its finest and humanity's impact on it at its most destructive. The film is showing for free at the East Village Cinema starting tomorrow.

EPA Takes Power Plants to the Mat over Toxic Air Pollutants

Despite the dangers they pose to our health, there are no national limits on the amount of mercury and other toxins released from power plant smokestacks. But now the EPA is proposing to change that and wants to hear from you by August 4th.

Earth Day 2012: Harder to See, Harder to Catch

For Earth Day we highlight the differences between the environmental challenges of 70s and now through photos taken then and now. Nowadays, it’s what you don’t see that can cause all the problems.

Air Quality

Industrial livestock operations generate a tremendous amount of air pollution - yet these facilities remain largely exempt from meaningful air quality regulation.


Industrial agriculture pollutes air, water, and soil, reduces biodiversity, and contributes to global climate change. Find the unsavory details here.

Public Health

From antibiotic resistance to arsenic contamination, learn how industrial agriculture threatens public health.

Air Pollution

Industrial farms, also called factory farms or CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations) pollute the air in many ways, emitting foul odors, airborne particles, greenhouse gases, and numerous toxic chemicals. Industrial farms are leading producers of noxious substances such as nitrous oxide and ammonia. Air pollution from industrial farms can cause health problems in agricultural workers, in residents of neighboring communities, and in farm animals. Although strategies exist to reduce air pollution, many industrial farms do little or nothing in this regard.

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