Real Food Media Contest

Short Films. Big Ideas. Real Food Media Project is seeking captivating short films about food, farming, and sustainability. Deadline for submissions is February 3rd.
Take Action: Submit your own movie - Spark action. Inspire Change.

Meatless Monday for the Media: Tools and Resources for Media

Media attention can be all it takes to turn your local campaign into a keystone of the worldwide movement. Use this media kit to get the notoriety that your event and organizational efforts deserve. Find helpful hints on working with reporters, planning a successful interview and writing a compelling press release. Use in conjunction with the Meatless Monday general starter kit and there's no telling how far your campaign will take you!

10 Instagrammers We Love (and You Should Too!)

Though you might think Instagram is simply about pretty pictures, the social media platform is very dynamic and is used in a variety of different ways. We took some time to compile a list of 10 food-centric Instagrammers that we think make a positive impact in the food system through their work.

What a Slaughterhouse Looks Like From the Inside

Two reporters went on their first slaughterhouse tour as part of Harvest Public Media's series on the precarious working conditions of many slaughterhouse workers, "Dangerous Jobs, Cheap Meat." [Harvest Public Media]

The Rise of Ocean Optimism

Since the hashtag #OceanOptimism was created to share uplifting news of ocean resilience for World Oceans Day 2014, at least 40,000 tweets have been sent and millions have been reached. This social media movement coincides with research that shows that positive messages - just like negative ones - are contagious and can encourage hope. [Hakai Magazine]

Europe's Weedkiller Wars

Monsanto thought that getting their controversial weedkiller Roundup re-approved for use in the EU would be easy. They were wrong. Advocacy groups seized a World Health Organization report from last year, which connected Roundup's active ingredient glyphosate to cancer, to inflame politicians on the European Commission. The fight underscores a challenge facing big institutions and their ability to adapt quickly to deal with insurgent campaigns fueled by social media and savvy NGOs. [Politico]

10 Kids' Food Myths--Busted!

Feeding kids in our crazy media environment can be downright confounding. One week, news headlines may say that a certain food is "bad." The next week, it's touted as a superfood. To clear up the confusion, asked experts like Diana Rice, RD of The Kids Cook Monday, to give them the bottom line on what advice to take--and what to ditch, pronto. []

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