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Food and Energy

Morris Arboretum's Warmth from Waste Food

An EPA-certified hydronic heater unit (an outdoor wood-fired boiler) will heat the University of Pennsylvania Arboretum's Horticulture Garage through the use of waste wood. Fuel cost savings from the installation of the hydronic heater are expected to equal a 30-50 percent reduction in consumption

Rikers Island Food Waste Composting

Rikers Island, New York, is one of the world's largest correctional institutions that house about 20,000 inmates and guards. The complex generates about 30 to 40 tons of food waste daily, so a composting system is constructed to recycle high volumes of food waste. The compost produced is used for on-site gardening projects. In addition, the facility features the world's largest installation of a translucent photovoltaic panel roofing system. These solar panels, installed with funding from the New York Power Authority, provide 40 kilowatts of power to the facility.