The Monday Campaigns: Meatless Monday Kits download this kit

One day a week, cut out meat! Our friends at the Monday Campaigns offer five different Meatless Monday mini-kits (bundled together here), each aimed at a specific audience, to help you spread the word about the importance of reducing your meat consumption.

Meatless Monday Goes to Town: Tools and Resources for Communities

In this toolkit, you'll find the advice, ideas and actions you need to make Meatless Monday a community-wide movement. Start a letter writing campaign to public officials, launch a Meatless Monday event or get local restaurants on board. Use this information in conjunction with our Media Toolkit to spread the word far and wide!

Meatless Monday for the Media: Tools and Resources for Media

Media attention can be all it takes to turn your local campaign into a keystone of the worldwide movement. Use this media kit to get the notoriety that your event and organizational efforts deserve. Find helpful hints on working with reporters, planning a successful interview and writing a compelling press release. Use in conjunction with the Meatless Monday general starter kit and there's no telling how far your campaign will take you!

Meatless Monday Goes Out to Eat

Each week new Meatless Monday participating restaurants are popping up worldwide. From large chains to fine dining, chefs and restaurateurs are discovering the many benefits Meatless Monday offers to both their patrons and their pockets. So what can Meatless Monday do for your business?