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This Week in Eco News - October 21, 2016

This week’s Eco News features stories about the carnivore’s paradox; how you can indulge in sustainable sushi (phew!); why factory farms are under serious scrutiny in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew - and much more!

Feeling Stressed About the Election? Here Are 3 Ways to Make Your Voice Heard

At times, it seems that the political tension surrounding this general election cycle has eclipsed the significance of local government, and how change can often spark from the ground up. Don’t let these frustrations persuade you into inaction! Instead, let’s recognize the influence of other forms of democratic participation where your voice can be heard!

Real Food Right Now and How to Cook It: Chia Seeds

Chia’s popularity has increased exponentially in the last few years - but did you know that in Mexico, chia seeds have been used as both food and medicine for hundreds of years? There’s a lot to learn about this diminutive seed - read on to find out more!


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