This Week in Eco News - October 2, 2015

Looking into the connections between parts of complex food, water and energy systems can yield eye-opening and important results. This week's Eco News features this type of research. There are stories of how important immigrants are to milk production, the outcome of massive herbicide use and a look at cities bearing the costs having clean water. Learn about these items + more!

2015 River Network River Heroes: Jennifer Pitt

In this week's installment of Our Heroes, we talk with Jennifer Pitt of the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), one of River Network's 2015 River Heroes. Pitt manages EDF's efforts on the Colorado River to protect and restore the river's delta. In 2014, she helped bring water to the Delta for the first time in five decades.

This Week in Eco News - September 25, 2015

Often times, the week's big Eco News is about major systems and complex relationships. This week is no different, from disturbing studies coming out about how much fast food kids eat and the amount of crop-diversity we've lost to exciting news like the fast-growth of the organic food sector and global companies joining climate change efforts.

11 Bovine Celebrities Who Were Kind of a Big Deal

Over here at GRACE we're celebrating our new favorite holiday: cow week. In honor of this special occasion, we've put together a list of the most important moovers and shakers throughout history that have helped shape human society and culture.

This Week in Eco News - September 18, 2015

It takes a lot of people working together to make sustainable changes to our food, water and energy systems. This week's Eco News has stories of companies, individuals and governments cooperating to make a better world. There are also stories that underscore the need for more cooperation: for instance, how Big Ag and water protectors need to work together to protect resources and limit runoff.

This Week in Eco News - September 11, 2015

This past week's Eco News unveiled big news about big news-makers. Uncovered emails revealed that Monsanto influenced academics, Perdue announced it is buying Niman Ranch, drilling waste water spills have been found to cause huge problems and the success of Salinas Valley crops has masked water resource worries. Uncover more news, here!

This Week in Eco News - September 4, 2015

Caring about the environment can be pretty draining when you keep finding issues that need to be addressed, plus nuances can make things confusing and difficult. To keep your spirits up, this week's Eco News features solutions! For instance, an energy industry CEO recommends companies move to install renewables.

This Week in Eco News - August 28, 2015

As you know, all of the Earth's resources are linked in a massive, complex web that proves time and again to be more interwoven than we can imagine. Often times the Eco News stories we collect are about humanity creating problems by not considering the broader effects of our actions and also about finding solutions when we look at the big picture. This week's Eco News is no different!

Back to School Food and Water Tools!

It's back to school time! Here at GRACE we're trying to make everyone's job a little easier by providing free tools and resources that both teachers and students can use in their work on sustainable food, water and energy.

This Week in Eco News - August 21, 2015

Sometimes it takes good research to open the public's eyes. For instance, new reports just put a growth-promoting drug given to hogs into the spotlight. And when the public heard about how unhealthy school lunches were, the standards were updated - updates new research says is supported by a majority of Americans. This week's Eco News has these stories and more!

This Week in Eco News - August 14, 2015

On top of the interesting news we've collected for this week's Eco News, we included stories about exciting solutions to big problems facing the environment; for instance, we found stories about agrihoods, undamming rivers and reducing the costs of renewable energy. Check these out and get inspired!

One Person's Trash is Another's Gluten-Free Flour

The latest hot trend in gluten-free baked goods may be coffee flour, a product that is poised for commercial roll-out sometime this year, and that may help relieve some of the food waste and water pollution associated with coffee production. Made from coffee cherry pulp, coffee flour is high in nutrients and fiber. But some coffee farmers aren't so sure about its usefulness.

Water Blogs We Love

Drought in California, among other items, has topped news headlines and made water a major national issue. The fact is that water has always been central to our lives. But don't take our word for it! Here are our top picks for the best blogs, news outlets and thinkers on the subject of water.

Top 5 Thirst-Quenching (and Thirsty) Summertime Beverages

What's your favorite summertime beverage? Is it lemonade? Soda? Maybe it's iced tea? A recent CBS News poll found that iced tea tops the list of favorite drinks on a summer day. To find out what beverages round out the top five thirst quenchers - and how much water is required to make each one - read on.

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