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Earth Day 2014: An Eco-Stravaganza of Sustainable Tips and Tricks (Part 2)

This Earth Day, the Ecocentric team is celebrating by sharing our favorite eco-friendly tips and tricks! Hopefully you'll find, as we did, that there are always more sustainable tips to pick up. Here, tips on growing your own food, solar power-ing your nest and making the most out of your glassware. (Post 2 of 2)

Solar Mythbusting

A year or so after my wife and I had a solar electric system installed on the front roof of our house, a friend posed a question that kinda caught me off guard: Any complaints from your neighbors?

California's Drought at the Nexus

California's drought could bring rising food prices, water shortages and even influence energy markets. The state will likely face problems where food, water and energy issues intersect - the nexus.

The Middle Class is Driving the Solar Revolution

The number of solar panel installations has soared since 2000, so who exactly is putting all of those panels on top of their roofs? Turns out that homeowners of all income levels, but particularly the middle class, are pushing the solar revolution.

...and Solar Takes the Lead!

In a new milestone on the road to a cleaner energy future, the amount of newly installed solar power capacity will overtake that of wind power for the first time in 2013.

Do You Live in One of the Best Solar States?

Thinking about going solar? Take a look at a new state-by-state ranking of the best solar states to help you decide whether a set of sleek new solar panels are a good for for your roof... and your wallet.

Future So Bright: 10 Facts about the State of Solar

Solar power in the United States has come a long way - even in the past year. A recent report by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council gives us some of the latest facts and figures on the solar industry's rise to power.

Photographer Jamey Stillings: Seeing the Big (Solar) Picture

A person might wonder how images of a bunch of mirrors in a desert would yield beautiful - and important - photography. Welcome to the work of Jamey Stillings and his online exhibit of photos at the Forward Thinking Museum of the ongoing construction of the Ivanpah Solar project in the Mojave Desert.

Just Say No to the Renewable Naysayers

You're having dinner with your family or friends when the topic of renewable energy comes up. You start to wax emphatic about the many benefits of clean energy when some Gloomy Gus blurts out "But what do we do when the sun isn't shining and the wind isn't blowing?"

Happy International Women's Day!

Today is International Women's Day, but we hardly need an excuse to recognize some noteworthy advocates, programs and projects around the world whose mission and achievements improve the lives of women as well as our whole planet's well-being. Cheers!

Solar Could Help Water Nebraska-Grown Crops

A new pilot program will help Nebraska's farmers look towards the sun to power their irrigation. But just like homeowners, farmers should also take advantage of their countless energy - and water - efficiency opportunities.

Superstorm Sandy and a Few Nexus Lessons

Superstorm Sandy revealed how creative, sustainable solutions can make a difference in hard-hit areas, while aging and outdated infrastructure have compounded problems.

Water, Energy and the World Energy Outlook

While a forecast of 'Saudi America' is getting all of the attention, the new World Energy Outlook report also takes an important look at the growing global energy and water collision.

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