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America: Recycle and Clean Your Fridge!

Happy America Recycles Day! But wait, there's more! It's also National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day. (Seriously!) In honor of these beloved occasions, and because we care about your sustainability, behold Ecocentric's greatest hits on recycling, food waste and more!

'A Place at the Table' Is A Must-See

From the Department of Stating the Obvious: "No one is pro-hunger." So why is it that we've got 50 million food insecure Americans who don't know where their next meal is coming from? The statistics translate to about one in six hungry bellies, and for kids, it translates to one in five. The new documentary, A Place at the Table, forces us to face up to this horrifying state of affairs. Here's why it's a must-see.

Too Big to Be Fair: Foodopoly (a Book Review)

The San Francisco Gate called the book "politically brave" and it truly is. Foodopoly is a compelling read and a rock-solid resource for anyone trying to figure out how we went from a nation of healthy farmers to the fast food nation we currently live in, and how we might be able - with hard work - to get home again.

Hotter, More Acidic Ocean Threatens Food Security

According to a new report by Oceana, the areas most at risk from the harmful impacts of ocean acidification and climate change are poor coastal and small island nations, regions that depend heavily on seafood for protein.

Growing a Movement: The Just Food Conference 2012

In the face of many challenges, a genuine - and inspiring - food movement working toward that system is flourishing. Nowhere was this more apparent than in the heart of New York City at this year's Just Food Conference.

10 Last-minute Gifting Ideas

Earth-friendly gifts can include upcycling and regifting, as well as non-consumables like service and donations. Here's some ideas for green, meaningful gifts.

University Land Grabs in Africa and Student Activism

Major American universities are practicing "land-grabbing" - buying up African farmland in deals that will likely result in displacement of small farmers, environmental devastation and the further impoverishment and political destabilization. Students and alumni: you have the power to change this.

Where's the Love, Hershey? On Chocolate and Labor

Ecocentric writer Chris Hunt, who doesn't care much for chocolate, is an unlikely choice of authors for a Valentine's Day chocolate post. He does, however, have one important qualification: he cares about preventing slave labor.

Mapping Food Access

Assuming you're not an out-of-touch 18th century monarch, you probably realize that not everyone has access to fresh, healthful food. At the most basic level, lack of access can be attributed to three factors: financial resources, the cost of food and food availability.

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