What We Can Learn from the European Horse Meat Scandal

The scandal has led to a discussion about flaws in the European meat industry, which is largely self-regulated. While the horse meat didn't reach our shores, there are similar battles raging on US soil over labeling and inspection regulations - and when it comes to our food, we have to stand up for our right to know what we're consuming.

Blood, Guts, E. coli and Accessibility: Slaughterhouse Rules

Small slaughterhouses once existed throughout the US. Unfortunately, the transition to factory farming spawned the creation of huge, highly mechanized, corporate-controlled mega-slaughterhouses, which ultimately put most small, independent slaughterhouses out of business.

Eco-Kosher and the Evolution of Tradition

It's no secret that the Jewish community has an incredibly rich relationship with food. In light of ethical controversies spurred by Big Ag, a new tradition called "eco-kosher" is arising--and while it remains focused on rituals, it adds a new twist--a focus on sustainability.

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