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TEDx Manhattan Heroes: Myra Goodman

TEDx Manhattan speaker Myra Goodman is the co-founder of Earthbound Farm. Her talk is called "In Praise of Big Organic." Goodman believes that if we want to preserve public health and protect the soil and water we rely on to grow our food, transitioning land to organic practices has to be at the top of the agenda of the healthy food movement.

A True Cost of Food Q&A with Liz Earle and Patrick Holden

As the Sustainable Food Trust hosts "The True-Cost Accounting in Farming and Food" conference in London Thursday and Friday, here is a Q&A with Patrick Holden, the Founding Director of the Trust, about the true cost of the food we eat - and how we can make those costs more visible.

Our Heroes: Four Country Gals in Beryl, Utah

Meet more of Ecocentric's sustainable farmer heroes this week: "We are DHA Family Farms aka the Four Country Gals, located in the middle of nowhere, Beryl Utah. We have a cow, 17 sheep, 4 dairy goats, 3 pygmy goats, 4 breeding rabbits, 35 or so chickens, and 6 very useless dogs. We love all of them!"

Brooklyn Grange Brooklyn Navy Yards Rooftop Farm

Brooklyn Grange has a new rooftop farm in the Brooklyn Navy Yards. We were there as they were setting it up this spring. Luckily the farm weathered the storm that was Sandy, although their beehives got blown away.

After Irene: Impacted Northeast Farms and How You Can Help

Hurricane Irene caused the worst flooding eastern upstate New York and Vermont have seen in centuries, devastating farms and dairies throughout the Northeast. We've mapped as many as we could find, as well as local events organized to support them.

Our Heroes: Julie Bass, 'Outlaw' Front Yard Veggie Gardener

The city of Oak Park recently dropped misdemeanor charges against Julie Bass, but not before threatening her with 93 days in jail. Here, she speaks with us about her love of gardening, why she chose to fight the good fight and how her experience has affected her view of the food movement.

10 Ways: So You Want to Save the Ocean

The ocean covers 71 percent of our planet and drives our climate and our economy. It’s also in trouble. Here’s an easy, and different, top ten list of ways to help the ocean out.

Gardens Across America

With gardening season under way in all but the coldest of zones, we have gathered a gaggle of gardeners from around the country and asked them to share some tips with us. The slide show is a peek into the beginnings of their space for this 2011 growing season.

Our Heroes: Brian Gotreaux of Gotreaux Family Farms in Scott, Louisiana

Brian Gotreaux never made the conscious decision to become an organic farmer-- it was simply a matter of getting healthy. After years of hard work, Brian and his wife Dawn successfully run an organic farm, a CSA and a farmer's market all while educating their community about the benefits of organic farming.

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