Sustainably Spring Clean Your Kitchen

At long last, spring is in the air! Time to change out sweaters and heavy jackets for something lighter. Time to open the windows and let in a little fresh air. Time to change from heavy winter foods to lighter fare. And a great time to sustainably spring clean the kitchen!

Real Food Right Now and How to Cook It: Millet

Millet -- it's not just for birds! How did this ancient crop become synonymous with birdseed in the United States? And how did a plant once revered by the Chinese fall into obscurity? Thanks to millet's resistance to drought in an era of shifting climate, it's a grain to be rediscovered.

Farmed and Dangerous: Episode 3, Raising the Steaks

Chip and Sophia hang out with one of his cows and we find out what's behind his passion for sustainable ag and farming. But will good food advocates be able to stop Animoil's Mega Farm? And does Buck Marshall root for the machines when he watches The Matrix?

Sustainable Super Bowl Sunday

Why not upgrade your Super Bowl spread with some locally-grown, sustainably produced food this year? Step up your game with recipes from our Real Food Right Now series. Blindside your guests with tasty and healthy snacks! Clothesline anyone who tries to bring in fast food! Make sure no off-season veggies show up to play!

Real Food Right Now and How to Cook It: Lentils

Will this week's Real Food bring you good luck in the new year? Italians, Brazilians and Germans think so! This much we know for sure: lentils are totally ancient and ridiculously good for you.

Food Day 2013

Food Day 2013 focuses on food education as a way to improve our diets and address obesity and other health issues, starting with schools and campuses. Share some fun graphics, check out our resources and be a good food advocate!

Real Food Right Now and How to Cook It: Amaranth

Although its nutty, delicious seeds can be found year-round in health food and some larger grocery stores, amaranth is only in season in the summer through mid-fall. The Today Show has called amaranth greens the next kale, and there are numerous recipes pairing the striking plant's seeds with more common ingredients.

Real Food Right Now and How to Cook It: Quince

In the US, quince trees were once common in colonial home gardens and on farms. These days, you may have to hunt around for quince - they are not a common fruit, after all - but certainly the hunt is worth it simply for their fragrance. Oh, and they taste pretty good too!

Could Walmart Lead an Antibiotics Revolution?

In the wake of reports from the CDC and Johns Hopkins on the urgent threat of antibiotic resistant infections, the pressure is on America's biggest retailer to tackle the antibiotics overuse problem in meat production.

Real Food Right Now and How to Cook It: Sage

Originally used medicinally to treat symptoms ranging from insomnia to venereal disease, sage has since made its way - over hundreds of years - into a range of savory dishes. And scientific studies support the old-timey idea that sage is linked to wisdom (or at least, memory and cognitive function).

Real Food Right Now and How to Cook It: Tomatillos

Herbal, tangy, citrus-y, and a little bit sweet, tomatillos are like no other fruit. While green tomatillo sauce can be spooned onto just about everything (tacos, enchiladas, fish, meat, veggies), this week's Real Food profile includes some ways to bust out of the salsa verde rut.

Real Food Right Now and How to Cook It: Okra

Okra is the quintessential Southern ingredient, representing so much of the gastronomy of the South, from Creole cuisine to lowcountry cooking. Even for those of us up North, okra is seasonal eating at its best, the epitome of Real Food Right Now. And yes, you can absolutely eat all of this "nose-to-tail" veggie.

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