This Week in Eco News - April 29, 2016

This week's Eco News features the following stories: Programs Help Move Vets Into Farming; Glyphosate Found in Popular Breakfast Foods; Walt Disney Parks to Only Use Cage-Free Eggs - and much more!

Taste It, Don't Waste It: Dandelions

There's a lot to love about a dandelion. They are enduring, intrepid, beautiful and darned delicious! (Welcome to your new food crush.) Here we tell you all the ways to use up every part of the dandelion, from flower to root!

Toward Justice for Contract Farmers

Most chicken produced in the US is raised by farmers contracted by multi-national meat corporations. While contractor companies promise farmers a market for their poultry, these deals often end up pushing them into cycles of debt, with no opportunity for recourse.

This Week in Eco News - April 22, 2016

This week's Eco News features the following stories: Nicholas Kristof explores animal cruelty; Acreage for Genetically Modified Crops Declined in 2016; The Fight for Cage-Free Eggs - and much more!

Fighting Food Waste with Ugly Fruit and Veg Founder, Jordan Figueiredo

Meet Jordan Figueiredo, founder of and the Ugly Fruit and Veg Campaign, and the first of our anti-food waste heroes. When not working at his day job, Jordan serves as a preeminent leader within the food waste movement, spearheading one of the most influential campaigns to address the problem in the US.

Spring Seasonal Food Pairings

Spring is finally here, and we're so excited to hit the farmers' market to pick up some seasonal food to cook! Looking for inspiration on how to pair the best of what spring has to offer (think: radishes, favas, asparagus, morels)? Look no further than this handy guide to fun spring food pairings!

Passover: Liberate Yourself from Industrial Food

This Passover, we can liberate ourselves from a food system that's often unhealthy for us and the environment by supporting farmers that grow food more sustainably. Use these suggestions for your seder - and throughout the year!

This Week in Eco News - April 15, 2016

A lot of what sustainable food watchdogs do is look into big corporation's use of tiny things like antibiotics, medicine and seeds. This week's Eco News features stories of tiny things making big impacts.

Adding Food into the Climate Equation: A Post-COP21 Agenda

Earth Day is signing day for the monumental COP21 climate deal. Emissions from energy production and fossil fuels are in the mix, but food and agriculture were left out. Here are the food and ag proposals we'd add if we were at the United Nations!

Garden DIY: Home Composting

With Earth Day approaching, there's no better time to think about the ways we can contribute to building a more sustainable food system. Considering we throw away about 40 percent of the food we produce each year, focusing on decreasing personal food waste is a great place to start. One way to do that is through composting!

This Week in Eco News - April 8, 2016

There are tons of ways people can make a difference in our food system! This week's Eco News highlights results from the work of various groups looking to forge a better food future. Read more and get inspired!

Why We Need a Spanish Water Footprint Calculator

Last month, GRACE released a Spanish version of our Water Footprint Calculator and water saving tips. This is a tremendous opportunity to spread the message about water conservation and efficiency to an audience that often gets ignored in eco-minded efforts.

Real Food Right Now and How to Cook It: Fiddleheads

Beautiful fiddleheads are bright green, their tightly coiled heads delicately curled like the scroll of a violin. With a flavor slightly reminiscent of asparagus, but also nutty and pleasantly bitter, fiddleheads are a delicious reminder that the doldrums of winter are finally over.

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