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Years of Living Dangerously Recap: Episode 2

The Governator tours the fire line and Harrison Ford continues his Indonesian palm oil tour in this week's episode, "The End of the Woods." The bigger story behind the two icons: teams of firefighters, scientists and activists protecting the forests and wildlife in the path of climate change.

Our Heroes: Leslie Moyer of Post Carbon Institute

Leslie Moyer is the director of Post Carbon Institute's Energy Reality Campaign. Read Leslie's interview to learn about her work with artists and energy, the undeserved un-sexiness of energy conservation and a particularly mind-blowing uphill car ride.

Dark Water Sheds Light on Animals and Oil Spills

Dark Water, a new play now on stage in New York City, tells the story of the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico through the eyes of the animals. The play holds a mirror up to human behavior and asks, "What kind of a future do we want?" Right now it's looking like one filled with environmental disasters.

Shored Up: A Film Review

Shored Up documents the destructive folly of unchecked coastal development and the unwinnable battle being waged by the nation's coastal communities against rising seas and shifting sands.

Elemental: A Film Review

Elemental, a new documentary about eco-warriors Rajendra Singh, Eriel Deranger and Jay Harman premieres this week in New York City. The film offers a glimpse into the lives of three regular people on personal journeys of epic proportions to save the environment.

Water at the Movies

Water is a theme that runs through all forms of popular culture, from books to myths to Hollywood and international films, with a growing number of shorter video pieces posted online at YouTube and similar sites. Peter Gleick went to the trouble of assembling a list of movies that feature water as a theme, either in the background or a main theme. It's a great way to look at movies.

Too Big to Be Fair: Foodopoly (a Book Review)

The San Francisco Gate called the book "politically brave" and it truly is. Foodopoly is a compelling read and a rock-solid resource for anyone trying to figure out how we went from a nation of healthy farmers to the fast food nation we currently live in, and how we might be able - with hard work - to get home again.

Waterkeeper vs. Perdue Over Chicken Manure in the Chesapeake Bay

A landmark trial opens today in Baltimore’s Federal District Court, where Waterkeeper Alliance has filed suit against Perdue Farms, and a pair of the company’s farmer contractors, Alan and Kristin Hudson, for polluting the Chesapeake Bay with chicken manure.

Earth Day 2012: Harder to See, Harder to Catch

For Earth Day we highlight the differences between the environmental challenges of 70s and now through photos taken then and now. Nowadays, it’s what you don’t see that can cause all the problems.

Greenwashing the Lorax: A Movie Review

In which our intern Sarah tries to go into the film open-minded--as a child would be. Corporate and political rhetoric only serve to distract--and even corrupt--what the Lorax stands for. He "speaks for the trees," but can we hear him?

Nixon’s Clean Water Act Impoundment Power Play

It’s the 40th anniversary of the Clean Water Act. You might know that this major piece of legislation was passed by Congress in 1972 and credited to Richard Nixon. You might not know that it almost didn’t happen because after it was passed by Congress, Nixon vetoed it.

Fit for a King: On the Future of Food (A Book Review)

The Prince’s impressive speech is a book, now available in most bookstores. In his foreword, Wendell Berry calls Prince Charles the only eminent person with "both the clarity to see and the courage to speak candidly about the obvious failures and dangers of industrial agriculture." Here, here!

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