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Our Heroes: Leslie Moyer of Post Carbon Institute

Leslie Moyer is the director of Post Carbon Institute's Energy Reality Campaign. Read Leslie's interview to learn about her work with artists and energy, the undeserved un-sexiness of energy conservation and a particularly mind-blowing uphill car ride.

Our New 9-Tip Guide to Food, Water and Energy at Home

"Meet the Nexus: How Food, Water and Energy are Connected" is our new guide that shows how making even one good decision about how you use food, water or energy resources can have a positive impact on the others. Even the simple cheese slice you might have had for lunch has a rich story to tell!

Doing More With Less: Energy Efficiency for Consumers

Just in time for the season's first major cold snap, GRACE is pleased to release Doing More with Less: Energy Efficiency for Consumers. From basic home improvements to exciting new technologies, our new report will help you stay warm while saving energy and money.

Top Ten Energy Tools from Around the Web

Check out our Top Ten tools and calculators from around the web that can help you figure out your relationship with energy: how it's used, how it's produced and how you can use it more efficiently.

Power Plants Kill Fish! OK, What Can We Do?

After 40 years of bureaucratic paralysis and continued decimation of the nation's ecosystems and fisheries, hundreds of the power plants - now 40, 50 or 60 years old - still use antiquated, once-through cooling systems. After missing yet another deadline, will the US EPA ever rein in these plants' massive water use? And what can we do in the meantime?

Wasted Opportunity

As demand for resources grows, a strategy that focuses solely on food production while ignoring inefficiency and waste will not be enough.

Water, Energy and the World Energy Outlook

While a forecast of 'Saudi America' is getting all of the attention, the new World Energy Outlook report also takes an important look at the growing global energy and water collision.

Meet the Energy Bills

We can’t help but feature another episode of our favorite energy efficiency odd couple, The Energy Bills, as they learn how to save more watts and dollars.

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