Talking with Dave Llewellyn from Glynwood About Support for Food and Farming Professionals

Dave Llewellyn is the Director of Farm Stewardship at Glynwood, a non-profit organization supporting food and farming professionals across New York's Hudson Valley. Learn more about what inspires Dave, the advice he has for high school and college students interested in a career in farming and how Glynwood is responding to the challenge that climate change poses to agriculture in the Hudson Valley.

Researchers Find Wasted Food Means Wasted Nutrients

Evidence of the importance of reducing food waste continues to mount. With up to an estimated 40 percent of food in the US going to waste annually, researchers have now calculated the nutritional value of the wasted food.

''Reducetarians'' Hold Summit to Ask You to Eat Less Meat

"The Reducetarian Solution," Brian Kateman's new book about eating less meat, is a collection of essays about how large-scale, factory-farmed meat production is hard on the planet, bad for health and causes animal suffering. At an upcoming summit, Kateman and other leaders of the reducetarian movement will explore how individuals, organizations, communities and societies can work to decrease meat consumption.

Real Food Right Now and How to Cook It: Lettuce

Lettuce really represents the highs and the lows of urban gardening. Is anything more satisfying than seeing the bright neon green of Amish Deer Tongue Lettuce peeking up through the dirt? Or more soul-crushing than discovering that your perfect head of Speckled Bibb has been nibbled to the ground by a flock of rough-and-tumble Brooklyn sparrows?

Do Local Food Systems Really Benefit the Economy?

A growing body of research is finding that local food systems provide substantial benefits to local economies. But studies must move beyond simple metrics like jobs and income and look at the benefits that local food production provides for the environment, our communities and health.

Real Food Right Now and How to Cook It: Edible Flowers

You know pansies, roses, hibiscus... but do you know nasturtium, chervil, day lilies, crocuses, lilacs, geraniums? All of these flowers are beautiful, of course, but they also taste great! In this week's installation of Real Food Right Now, what to look for, what to look out for - and, as always, recipes.

Take the Better Burger Challenge!

Take the Better Burger Challenge when you grill your burgers! Go for an all veggie burger or try a veggie and sustainably raised beef blend. Help make the iconic hamburger into a force for a healthier, more humane and more environmentally responsible food system!

Introducing Sonny Perdue: Our New Secretary of Agriculture

The Senate recently confirmed Sonny Perdue as the next US Secretary of Agriculture. Less than a week into office he's already announced that he's rolling back Michelle Obama's signature initiative to create stricter nutrition standards for school lunches. Is this an indication of what's to come from USDA under the Trump Administration?

Real Food Right Now and How to Cook It: Nettles

Mother Nature doesn't wait for us to get organized, and nettles may be in the dappled limelight of a forest near you right now. But if you dally, poof (!), they'll be long gone. With nettles, you're not just cooking in the season. You're cooking in the moment.

WOTUS and Agriculture: What Happens Next?

What's next for Obama's 2015 Clean Water rule (aka, the Waters of the US rule) - will it be repealed and replaced? Find out what WOTUS actually is and what it entails, how it impacts agriculture and why it's controversial.

Talking Animal Agriculture and Pasture-Based Farming with Andrew Gunther

Learn why Andrew Gunther, executive director of A Greener World, feels that not all beef is the same when it comes to the water footprint of beef, why it's important that all meat producers don't get lumped together and why he is committed to helping people understand the differences between conventional and pasture-based meat.

How Grassfed Beef Can Go Mainstream

The grassfed beef market is growing rapidly, yet this more sustainably and ethically produced meat is still a niche product in the US. A new report, however, says the grassfed beef industry can jump into the mainstream if it addresses several challenges throughout its supply chain, from producers to consumers.

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