Rich Sanders

Rich Sanders brings his communications creativity and information architecture experience to GRACE. His post-Yale multifaceted career has included a stint in broadcast radio, composing award winning music for network television, and developing engaging software for national publishers as COO of a New York software firm, but nothing feeds his passions more than combining his interests in ethnic cuisine and sustainable, local food.

Hot Fun in the Summertime: Tips for Sustainable Grilling

Throw on your apron and heat up the grill for some juicy tips on how to barbeque with sustainable meats and veggies. Grass-fed meats taste so good, especially when done just right, and seasonal produce brings tons of flavor to the table.

USDA Fails to Verify 80 Percent of ''Humane'' and Other Meat Labels

What does "sustainably farmed" mean on a meat, poultry or egg label? We can't always be sure, according to a new Animal Welfare Institute report. With no standardized, consistent definitions, the USDA approves plenty of words without supporting evidence. Adding to the confusion: sometimes, the terms are accurate. Learn what AWI proposes we do next.

Fast Food Workers Strike in Over 30 Countries

On May 15, workers in 150 cities and over 30 countries went on strike demanding living wages from the billion-dollar fast food industry which boasts mega profits and supersized CEO salaries. Some states have already raised their minimum wage. Will others - and the industry - follow suit?

Ranking New York State's Apple Ciders

The weather outside is trending toward frightful. Add some locally-produced apple cider to your blizzard supply list, and stay toasty with our mulled cider recipe, or stave off boredom by ranking your own regional ciders!

America: Recycle and Clean Your Fridge!

Happy America Recycles Day! But wait, there's more! It's also National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day. (Seriously!) In honor of these beloved occasions, and because we care about your sustainability, behold Ecocentric's greatest hits on recycling, food waste and more!

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