James Rose

James Rose serves as Sr. Research and Policy Analyst, Water and Energy Program at GRACE. He primarily works on GRACE projects involving renewable electricity and energy efficiency. James holds a Master of Public Administration in Environmental Science and Policy from Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs and a BA in Biology from Earlham College. He was a co-author and the project manager of The Network for New Energy Choices's award winning report on net metering and interconnection, Freeing the Grid.

What They Know about Climate Change

As the IPCC, Oxfam and the AAAS remind everyone that climate change is already here, the next question is how countries of the world will respond. With so much at stake, it's advisable to try to limit global warming and prepare to adapt to changes in climate - before it's too late.

California's Drought at the Nexus

California's drought could bring rising food prices, water shortages and even influence energy markets. The state will likely face problems where food, water and energy issues intersect - the nexus.

Doing More With Less: Energy Efficiency for Consumers

Just in time for the season's first major cold snap, GRACE is pleased to release Doing More with Less: Energy Efficiency for Consumers. From basic home improvements to exciting new technologies, our new report will help you stay warm while saving energy and money.

...and Solar Takes the Lead!

In a new milestone on the road to a cleaner energy future, the amount of newly installed solar power capacity will overtake that of wind power for the first time in 2013.

Top Ten Energy Tools from Around the Web

Check out our Top Ten tools and calculators from around the web that can help you figure out your relationship with energy: how it's used, how it's produced and how you can use it more efficiently.

Future So Bright: 10 Facts about the State of Solar

Solar power in the United States has come a long way - even in the past year. A recent report by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council gives us some of the latest facts and figures on the solar industry's rise to power.

Fracking in the Nation's Vegetable Patch

The farmland sitting on top of the shale is known for producing raisins, nuts, fruits, vegetable and cotton. Given California's rich oil history, oil and agriculture interests have co-existed for a long time, but fracking could pit the two against each other.

A Milestone Raises Questions about Climate Change

On May 9, 2013 researchers located at the Mauna Loa Observatory on the big island of Hawaii measured an ominous milestone regarding climate change. For the first time in three million years the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide registered at 400 parts per million.

The Great German Energy Transition

In Germany, the popularity of wind and solar has taken off in the past decade so much that the country supplied a quarter of its energy needs with renewable energy last year.

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