Dulce Fernandes

Dulce Fernandes worked for GRACE's water and energy team and blogged at Ecocentric until she left the foundation.

Our Heroes: Will Allen of Growing Power

This week's hero is Will Allen, the now-legendary urban farmer from Milwaukee whose organization Growing Power is at the forefront of the "good food revolution."

Our Heroes: Madison Vorva and Rhiannon Tomtishen

These Michigan teens led a high profile campaign to make Girl Scouts cookies more environmentally-friendly. What started as a research assignment became a national campaign backed by organizations like the Rainforest Action Network and the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Big Oil Buys Science - With the Help of Taxpayer Dollars

A recent report by the Center for American Progress, authored by investigative journalist Jennifer Washburn, examined ten large-scale, long-term contracts that govern corporate-funded energy research at several major universities and concluded that these partnerships fail to establish adequate safeguards for scientific objectivity and academic independence.

Perspectives on Long Island’s Aging Power Plants

In this slideshow, three residents share what Long Island’s marine waters mean to them and the community they live in, as well as their thoughts on the impact that old power plants have had on the marine environment.

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