Audrey Jenkins

Audrey Jenkins serves as program assistant for GRACE's food program, providing support with public outreach, content development and special projects. Before joining GRACE, Audrey earned a BS in molecular biology and a BA in political science from Purdue University, where she focused on environmental policy. In addition to eating sustainably, Audrey loves tutoring reading and fencing.

Our Heroes: Trish Watlington at The Red Door

Meet one of our Eat Well Guide heroes: Trish Watlington at The Red Door in San Diego, where the cuisine is seasonal comfort food and made with one commitment: if they can't grow it themselves or buy it locally, humanely treated and sustainably harvested, it's not hitting the table.

Get to Work! Jobs in Food Sustainability

Our sustainable food system is in need of a wide variety of skillsets. As job options in food sustainability expand, the question is: how can you tie your work to our growing sustainable food movement? Take a look at some of the major sectors in food sustainability and find out how to get paid for supporting good food!

Quick Tips for Separating Your Compostables

Whether you're building your own compost or donating your scraps to a local program, start setting those scraps aside with these simple kitchen collection tips! This fourth post in our composting series gives you the nitty-gritty on collecting and saving food scraps at home.

Who Wants My Compost?

You don't have to compost at home to recycle your organic scraps! Find a local grower, community program or join your municipal collection service to make saving and donating scraps easy. Check out this third post in our composting series to find out who really wants your compostables.

Troubleshooting Your Compost: Tips and Tricks

Never give up on your compost pile! If something goes wrong, you can usually set things straight in a few days. Learn about the basics to maintaining a healthy compost with the second installment in our composting series.

What Can I Compost? The Scraps that Make the Cut

Find out which items you throw away are actually composting gold with this first post in our composting series. The next time you head to the trash or scrape your plate, take a moment to recognize how many of those scraps should be returned to the dirt - not trapped under layers of garbage.

Earth Day 2014: An Eco-Stravaganza of Sustainable Tips and Tricks (Part 1)

This Earth Day, the Ecocentric team is celebrating by sharing our favorite eco-friendly tips and tricks! Whether you're an old hand at ninja energy efficiency tactics or setting up your first apartment, hopefully you'll find, as we did, that there's always more to pick up by way of sustainable living.

Real Food Right Now and How to Cook It: A Spring Celebration!

Our Real Food Right Now series has hatched out posts on many spring foods, from the history of ramps to the egg's endless uses. Now it's officially time to delve back into these in-season delights. Explore spring ingredients and find out why going green in spring is so important!

Our Heroes: Mary Brower of Bluestem Farm

Bluestem Farm is a four-season, diversified farm, dedicated to producing a huge variety of food straight through the long winters of Northern Michigan - no small feat! They proudly raise heritage-breed pigs, chickens for both meat and eggs, and a large variety of indoor and outdoor vegetables.

Our Heroes: Peter Finch of Rolling Hills Organics

Peter Finch grows vegetables and herbs on 55 acres at Rolling Hills Organics in Roseneath, Ontario. Read on to find out what he says balances out the exhaustion and unpredictable crop outcomes he faces every season. Part of our Eat Well Guide farmer heroes mini-series!

Our Heroes: Shannon Hyde of Olive Egg Farm

Shannon Hyde of Olive Egg Farm in Honeoye Falls, New York, produces food people can feel good about eating. Hyde believes that "we have a responsibility to the animals we raise to provide them with a fulfilling, healthy life, humane treatment, and humane processing."

RAFI's Innovation Project

An inspiring project from the Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI) will compile innovative agricultural methods and presents them in an open source format, giving farmers a "collaborative advantage."

Our Heroes: Cole Desmond of Chicken Little Farm

16-year-old Cole Desmond raises poultry and eggs on 10.2 acres at his family's farm in Ipswich, Massachusetts, where life really does go full-circle. Desmond says: "We believe that if the bird is happy, then that's all that counts." Part of our Eat Well Guide farmer heroes mini-series!

Fighting Food Waste with Your Phone

An estimated 40 percent of food is wasted in the US every year, costly for consumers who toss thousands of dollars away, as well as our environment. Here's the good news: with a little help from your mobile devices, you can cut waste and spending using handy food waste apps.

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