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Handouts - Sustainable Food Basics

Do you want to do something positive to help promote sustainable food, save family farms, and let others know about the problems and solutions with our food supply? If so, this section is for you! These PDF handouts are great for presentations and events, perfect for carrying around as a reference, or just the thing for giving to friends and family when they ask about sustainable food.


10 Reasons To Learn Sustainable Home Cooking

We're all cooks now. Or at least we should be. Everybody’s talking about home cooking and the connectionto sustainable, local food — so, if you need a push, here are ten reasons to help you get cooking with conviction!

Glossary of Meat Production Methods

You want to eat better but all those labels are so confusing – what can you do? Carry this handy glossary when you shop to find the best food for you and your family.

Sustainable vs Industrial

Have you ever wondered exactly how sustainable agriculture is better than industrial agriculture? Read this to learn some of the major differences.

Ten Steps to Eating Sustainable

Want to eat better but aren’t sure what to do? Click here to see some suggestions on what you can do to eat healthier, shop smarter and find great tasting sustainable food in your area!

The Meat To Eat

Sustainably raised meat is fantastic; it tastes great, it’s produced without destroying the environment or threatening public health, and its sale supports responsible farmers who choose to use sound agricultural practices. Unfortunately, it’s more expensive to raise animals sustainably than to mass-produce them on a factory farm (these industrial operations benefit from hefty government subsidies — and don’t have to pay for the damage they cause). As a result, sustainably raised meat usually costs more than the cheap meat churned out by factory farms.

Three Easy Steps to Sustainability

If you want to support a sustainable food system but aren’t sure where to begin, start with our Three Easy Steps: Educate Yourself, Ask Questions, Take Action. Using these three steps, you can help build or strengthen your local food system.

Why Buy Sustainable

Create change – one forkful at a time! Here are some great reasons to buy sustainable food.