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The Greenhorns: A Movie and a Movement

photo from The Greenhorns

Three years ago, young farmer and activist Severine von Tscharner Fleming founded The Greenhorns, a non-profit organization comprised of young farmers, college-educated apprentices and their advocates. Severine founded The Greenhorns based on a fundamental need—to educate and recruit young farmers. Originally, her idea was to make a film documenting the burgeoning movement of young farmers and to provide hope for a culture viewed --  in both the public and media sphere -- as struggling and dwindling. Soon after The Greenhorns was formed, it became clear that movie making is a long and tedious endeavor—and while they remained dedicated to producing the film, Severine and her allies realized that it was essential to get the message out in other ways as well. The Greenhorns quickly began to grow as a network of projects and organizations, educating young farmers through their blog, radio show and podcast. While the influence of The Greenhorns grew, Severine also helped to form the National Young Farmers Coalition, an organization aimed to fight for and support young farmers by strengthening their social networks, helping them hone their skills through the facilitation of peer-to-peer learning, and fighting for policies that will keep them farming for a lifetime.

Now, after nearly three years of production, the film is ready to take its audience by storm..

Comprised of interviews with young farmers as well as with luminaries in food and sustainable farming such as Michael Pollan and Eric Schlosser, the film poses arguments for sustainability with evidence from American agricultural history as archival footage from previous eras of agricultural innovation. In the spirit of grassroots movement building, the film will make its way into the zeitgeist through community distribution.

This Wednesday, May 11th, The Greenhorns will host their New York City film premiere at the Anthology Film Archives. The event is also a fundraiser, and all proceeds will go towards the National Young Farmers Coalition. After the film, there will be a panel discussion with founding board members of the coalition, all of whom are farmers and farm service providers:

Sean Stanton, Blue Hill Farm
Michelle Hughes, New Farmer Development Project
Severine v T Fleming, Locust Farm + The Greenhorns + NYFC
Lindsey Lusher Shute, Pistil Farm+ TA + NYFC
Ben Shute, Hearty Roots Farm + Farm Hack

To find a screening in your area, visit the events page on the Greenhorns website. To bring The Greenhorns movement to your area, request a screening for your community or organization.