We took some time to explore aquaculture - also known as fish farming - through the lens of sustainability. Take a fresh look at how we can produce fish in a way that is safe, plentiful and less damaging to the environment.
Farmed Fish With Marianne Cufone
  • Ever wonder what makes a better fish farm? We got some answers about aquaculture and sustainable seafood from Marianne Cufone, executive director of the Recirculating Farms Coalition.
Farming Fish in the Ocean
  • Did you know that about half of the seafood eaten in the world today is farmed? Here we take a closer look at the impacts of farming seafood in the ocean - from fish to shellfish and even seaweed.
Onshore Fish Farming
  • While wild-caught fish is still common, our seafood increasingly arrives from tightly managed aquaculture environments. Read more about land-based fish farming, including pond aquaculture, aquaponics and recirculating aquaculture systems.