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Cookbook Review - Grub

publisher: Tarcher/Penguin

“Grub means real choice – and with it freedom – freedom from fear of food, from angst about weight gain, from worrying about who may have suffered to harvest our food. Grub means pleasure and health; it means food in tune with our cultural heritage. Grub is food grown without dangerous chemicals. It’s fresh and seasonal, and processed under fair working conditions. Grub is the choice most Americans are missing, and that more and more of us are wanting, and choosing.”

In addition to all these wonderful things, Grub is also the title of a new book by food activists Anna Lappé and Bryant Terry, who bring their unique perspectives on sustainable food as a social movement to this collection of delicious recipes and dinner party ideas.

Tracing the history of our current industrial food system, the authors critique the motives and methods of this relatively new way of producing nourishment for the masses. Highlighting six illusions they believe help to maintain the myth of industrial agriculture, the authors show us how the forces of advertising and warfare, along with help from government subsidies and lax regulation, have created a food system that endangers our health, our pocketbooks, and our society.

But these problems are not without solutions, and many of them are fun, easy and delicious! As they say, its time to getcha grub on!

In part two of the book, they lay down the “pillars of grub,” and demystify the jargon and nuances of the sustainable food movement. Lappé and Terry want to make sure this movement is not about exclusive tastes, privileged palates, or inflexible dieting regiments, but rather clarity, simplification, and self-empowerment when it comes to food.

Part three begins, thankfully, with an admission that we can’t drastically change ourselves and the way we eat overnight. The key to a “grub” diet isn’t getting 100% local/organic/sustainable food 100% of the time; that’s nearly impossible for most of us. But thinking in that direction, and changing the food we eat one meal, one meat, or one mushroom at a time is what will make the difference.

After grubbing-out your kitchen, making it a more useful and desirable place to cook, you'll be ready to discover amazing recipes and entire full-course dinners carefully crafted with not only fresh ingredients in mind, but fresh tunes as well. Arranged seasonally, grub menus not only come with appetizers and desserts, but with soundtracks to match. Ranging from soul food and south of the border fare, to summer salads and holiday dinners, there are plenty of taste bud- tempting themes to match any occasion.

So get ready to grub! And feel great sharing meals with family and friends while changing the world, one sustainable bite at a time!