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Cookbook Review - Simply in Season

Herald Press

Simply in Season, a cookbook by Mary Beth Lind and Cathleen Hockman-Wert, takes on the problems of modern food production through seasonal eating. This handy, spiral bound guide is color coded by season and offers recipes made from foods typically offered by small local farmers during each season.

With simple recipes and whole ingredients, this compilation from over 450 cooks and tasters from around the world brings you the basics of seasonal eating, with recipes ranging from the familiar to the unexpected, from Fresh Pea Soup to Nova Scotia Hodgepodge.

On the green pages of spring or the gold pages of autumn, you'll find a list of all the fruits and vegetables the season has to offer in the side margins, with the ingredients of any particular recipe printed in bold. This makes it easy to thumb through and find recipes for specific foods while keeping in mind what else is in season.

Another convenient feature of Simply in Seasonis that there are fruit and vegetable profiles at the beginning of the book, complete with picture, season, description, storage and preparation tips, and nutritional information. Not knowing what to do with a seasonal vegetable can often be a stumbling block for first time seasonal eaters. With photos and cooking suggestions, the mysterious kohlrabi will never elude you again!

A great introduction to seasonal eating, Simply in Seasonprovides the seeds for changing the modern food system, one vegetable at a time. The recipes are healthy classics with straightforward directions, without the "health-nut" complexities and unusual ingredients found in many diet-changing cookbooks.

You can also visit the Simply in SeasonOnline Fruit and Vegetable Guide for tips from the book on how to choose, store, prepare, and use selected fruits and vegetables.