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Book Review - The Complete Organic Pregnancy

HarperCollins Publishers

A woman who’s thinking about having a child will often undergo a complete transformation in order to prepare her body and home for pregnancy. She'll quit smoking and drinking, improve her diet, and seek out pregnancy dos and don’ts from every mother she meets. Pregnancy is an opportunity for a woman to reform her life and seek ultimate wellness, and this book allows women to take full advantage of that opportunity.

The Complete Organic Pregnancy is a practical guide that takes soon-to-be moms by the hand and leads them to healthy, happy, holistic and all-natural motherhood. From pre-pregnancy planning and conception, through three trimesters, labor and the early days of child rearing, this guide prepares women to clean house in preparation for their “new tenant,” and offers them knowledge they need to undertake healthy childbearing.

Authors Deirdre Dolan and Alexandra Zissu wrote this book as a nutritional guide to teach pregnant women to eat well. While encouraging women to follow their urges and listen to their bodies, the authors take ample care to note the importance of eating organically and avoiding certain foods that are potentially dangerous to pregnant women and their unborn babies.

The authors go beyond looking at just food, taking a tour of the contemporary woman’s entire environment and pointing out all of the places where humans and toxins cross paths. The two peek under our kitchen and bathroom sinks, take apart our furniture, and give us the tools to take a second look around and identify the potentially hazardous substances that fill our homes and offices. They even provide an extensive list of common household chemicals to look out for, making pregnancy-proofing as simple as possible for the concerned mother.

Perhaps the book’s best feature is a collection of “diaries,” or testimonials from over 20 notable and diverse women (and a couple of men), including Marion Nestle and Moon Unit Zappa, each with an interesting and often humorous story to share about their own experiences with childbearing. These stories add a personal element to a book overflowing with important yet sometimes unnerving information about health and planning. Another feature is an appendix full of appetizing and pregnancy-friendly recipes from mothers and chefs who understand that you don’t have to compromise taste to make a healthy meal.

This guidebook is highly recommended for all mothers-to-be, and everyone else who’s interested in improving the quality of their health and their home environment.