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Cookbook Review - The Niman Ranch Cookbook: From Farm to Table with America’s Finest Meat

Ten Speed Press

These days, the Niman Ranch brand has become synonymous with sustainability,  Gand it is a household name for meat lovers. Served from coast to coast in restaurants and stores committed to sustainability, and even available in conventional grocery stores, Niman Ranch meat has played a large part in putting sustainable meat production on the map.

From The Niman Ranch Cookbook, by Bill Niman and Jennifer Fletcher, you'll not only discover great recipes from some of America’s top chefs, you'll also learn about the producers, veterinarians, and ranchers across the nation who have joined Bill Niman in his quest to return agriculture to its traditional roots while remaining competitive in today’s market. As they bring the tenets of sustainable farming to life through their stories, we learn more about the values of environmental stewardship, animal welfare and husbandry, and community involvement, which Niman Ranch farmers hold dear.

The Niman Ranch Cookbooktakes you step by step through their process of raising meat, providing insight that most meat producers are reluctant to share. Also included is an extremely useful guide to selecting, storing and preparing meat, with a complete run-down of the best ways to use, carve, and season each different cut of meat.

And then comes the best part – the recipes. Including beef, pork, and lamb, this collection features a hearty variety of burger, meatloaf, and steak recipes, as well as dishes influenced by Peruvian, Moroccan, Italian, Danish, and Thai traditions. From Malibu to Lake Placid, Houston to New York City, chefs and proprietors across the country have offered up the best of their best, creating a delectable collection of mouth-watering meat dishes best made with sustainably-raised meat.

Providing a glimpse into the lives of sustainable farmers, along with a glimpse into some of the best kitchens around, The Niman Ranch Cookbookwill expand your steak repertoire, further your meat expertise, and get you that much closer to knowing your food.

Visit Niman Ranch’s websitefor more information.