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About Sustainable Table

GRACE’s Food Program, Sustainable Table, celebrates sustainable food, educates consumers about food-related issues and works to build community through food.

Sustainable Table was established as a program of GRACE in 2003, and quickly became the leading sustainable food resource for consumers.  In addition to providing detailed information about key issues, Sustainable Table offers tools and resources to help people make better food choices, empowering them to change the food system as savvy consumers and well-informed advocates.

The new GRACE website includes all the great information from the original Sustainable Table site, along with brand new content and a fresh, easily navigable layout. Be sure to visit our Issue Pages for details about pressing food topics, In the Kitchen for recipes and tips for buying and cooking with sustainable foods, and Take Action! to learn how to effectively advocate for a better food system.  The new site also integrates GRACE’s Water and Energy Programs, enabling us to more effectively demonstrate the interconnections among these issues.

Sustainable Table’s projects include:

Eat Well Guide – a free, online directory of farms, stores, restaurants, CSAs and other sources of sustainable food throughout the US. By simply entering a zip code, users can find sustainable food locally or along a route when traveling. The Guide includes 25,000+ handpicked listings and was created in conjunction with local and national sustainable food organizations.

The Meatrix – a series of humorous videos that educate viewers about the problems created by factory farms.  Produced by Sustainable Table and Free Range Studios, the first movie was released online in November 2003 and immediately went viral, breaking new ground in grassroots advocacy.  The Meatrix and its sequels, The Meatrix II: Revolting and The Meatrix II½, have been translated into 30+ languages and boast over 15 million viewers worldwide.

Ecocentric – GRACE’s blog, which covers food, water and energy issues.  Sustainable Table staff members regularly contribute articles, interviews, news briefs, photos and videos to keep you informed about the latest developments in food and agriculture.

As we celebrate Sustainable Table’s tenth anniversary, we're thrilled by how far the good food movement has progressed, and couldn’t be more excited to continue promoting the transition to a sustainable food future.