Water Footprint Caculator

The Water Footprint Calculator helps you understand how much water you use every day. It adds up the water that comes out of your tap, plus the water it takes to make the food you eat, energy you use and all the things you buy.
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  • diet Learn about the water "hidden" in food, energy and the things you buy.
  • home Play with your answers to see how you can lower your footprint.
NOTE: Our Water Footprint Calculator accounts for major water-using activities and behaviors. We used data from water use survey results and national averages of water use for energy, shopping and food consumption. Your results are not an exact measurement but rather an estimate based on your choices and habits. Your footprint varies day-to-day based on your water fixture flow rates, your diet, your energy use and your purchases.

Read the methodology to see how your water footprint is calculated.