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The Issues in Depth


     Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable agriculture can feed the world without damaging the environment or threatening human health. The pages in this section describe what it means to produce food sustainably and how we can transition to a sustainable food future.

          Sustainable Livestock Husbandry
          Sustainable Crop Production
          Innovative Agriculture
          New Farmers
          Organic Agriculture
          Local/Regional Food Systems
          Food & Personal Health


     Industrial Agriculture

Most food in the US is now produced on large-scale industrial crop and livestock operations. This section describes the environmental, socioeconomic and public health problems created by industrial agriculture, underscoring the importance of transitioning to a sustainable food future.

          Industrial Livestock Production
               Animal Feed
               Waste Management
          Industrial Crop Production
               Genetic Engineering

          Impacts of Industrial Agriculture
                    Air Quality
                    Water Quality
                    Soil Quality
                    Energy Use and Climate Change
               Public Health
               Community & Economy
               Animal Welfare


     Food Processing & Distribution

After leaving the farm, foods are transported, processed and distributed. Learn how this affects food safety, food access and food security, and the viability of local and regional food systems.

          Food Safety
               Food Irradiation
          Food Processing & Slaughterhouses
          Food Access/Food Security


     Food Policy & Economics

From the farm bill to crop subsidies, learn how policy and economics affect what kind of food is produced, how it's produced, and who has access to it.

          Food Economics
          Policy & Regulation